Curtain rails

Curtain rails

erfal curtain rails are the ideal solution for a subtle fastening of curtains. Made of high-quality aluminum or plastic, they adapt to each environment and requirement and can be combined with covers if desired. According to your taste, they can be mounted almost invisibly in the ceiling or appear as a decorative sight. Their usage is therefore not only popular in large objects, but also in private living areas.

Fields of application

Vorhangschienen Produktcharakteristik
  • all rectangular windows
  • large window surfaces and glass fronts
  • as curved installations for special shapes, oriels, arches and gables
  • in the object and in private area
  • as room separation
  • for hanging up pictures, photos and paintings

Product advantages

Vorhangschienen Anwendungsbereiche
  • subtle optics
  • more than 30 different track models
  • versatile, flexible, adaptable
  • made to measure
  • high-quality and lightweight aluminum
  • bends within a millimetre are possible
  • can be combined with covers in various shapes and colours
  • easy installation and convenient operation
  • high stability
  • also for heavy curtains
  • motorization available

Mounting possibilities

Curtain rails can be fixed differently. The type of fastening depends, amongst other things, on your structural conditions and the integration into the interior architecture.

Types and particularities