micropore® royal classic red
micropore® royal classic red - Leather and Leatherlikes®

micropore® royal classic red

10408C red

Purpose of Use

Beds, Upholstered Furniture, Seating Furniture, Decorative Cushions, Blankets, Plaids,

Range of Application

Retirement Home, Bar, Disco, Club, Lounge, Boat, Yacht, Büro, Decoration & Accessories, Event Industry, Healthcare, Hotel, Hotel+Gastronomie, Cruise Ship, Shopfitting, Fair Construction, Object Sector, Nursing Home, Restaurant, Schools, Theater, Cinema, Transport+Verkehr, Living Area,


Breathable, Disinfectable, Skin-friendly, Incontinence Resistant, Easy Care, Durable, Urin Resistant, Water Resistant, Water Vapour Permeability ,

Classific. Flame Retardent

Technical Characteristics

Overall Composition 70 PU, 30 PES
Composition Support 100 PES Microfibres
Composition Surface 100 PU
Thickness 0,85
Roll width in cm 140
Roll length in m 30
Mindestanforderung sehr starke Beanspruchung
Scheuerwerte in Touren 50000
Resistance to Rubbing (wet) 4-5
Resistance to Rubbing (dry) 4-5
Pilling Value 5
Fastness to Light on the Blue Scale 5