micropore® linde
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micropore® linde

10161 linde

Purpose of Use

Beds, Upholstered Furniture, Seating Furniture, Decorative Cushions, Blankets, Plaids,

Range of Application

Retirement Home, Automotive, Truck, Bar, Disco, Club, Lounge, Boat, Yacht, Büro, Bus, Decoration & Accessories, Event Industry, Airport, Trainstation, Healthcare, Hotel, Hotel+Gastronomie, Cruise Ship, Shopfitting, Fair Construction, Object Sector, Nursing Home, Restaurant, Schools, Theater, Cinema, Transport+Verkehr, Living Area,


Alcohol Resistant,, Breathable, Blood Resistant, Disinfectable, Skin-friendly, Incontinence Resistant, Easy Care, Durable, Urin Resistant, Water Resistant, Water Vapour Permeability ,

Classific. Flame Retardent

Technical Characteristics

Overall Composition 65 PU, 35 PES
Composition Support 100 PES
Composition Surface 100 PU
Thickness 1
Roll width in cm 137
Roll length in m 30
Mindestanforderung sehr starke Beanspruchung
Scheuerwerte in Touren 100000
Resistance to Rubbing (wet) 4
Resistance to Rubbing (dry) 4-5
Pilling Value 5
Fastness to Light on the Blue Scale 5