Insect screens for skylights

Insect screens for skylights

Insect screens are practical frame-grid elements that are installed in front of a window niche in order to prevent the entry of insects into the rooms under the roof. Insect screens are made of special fine-meshed fabrics that keep insects away, but still let pass a lot of light and air. In contrast to simple self-adhesive fly screens, erfal insect screens are made of high-quality aluminum frames in combination with hard-wearing functional fabrics. These are matched and attached within a millimetre to the window niche dimension and, however, can be simply opened, curled or suspended as required.

Fields of application

Insektenschutz Dachfenster Produktcharakterristik
  • all skylight types or manufacturers

Product advantages

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  • reliable protection against insects, pests, leaves, pollen and electrosmog
  • highest precision and customized production
  • flexible in application - the adequate product for every installation situation
  • timeless design and durable functionality
  • high transparency, best view, light and air permeability
  • high wind stability, long-lasting and hard-wearing
  • easy assembly and cleaning
  • various mounting and operating instructions
  • solutions without drilling, screwing or gluing
  • nine innovative and functional tissue types
  • great colour diversity for frame profiles
  • electrical operation is possible on request
  • enjoy fresh air every time
  • transparent appearance for more view and daylight

This is how it works: Operation

Depending on the system, the operation of your insect screen can be adapted to the needs and conditions on site. There are two types for roof window solutions.

Mounting possibilities

Whether clamped, plugged, screwed or fully integrated - the various mounting possibilities guarantee an adequate installation of the customized erfal insect screen products. There will also be the right solution for your installation situation.

Types and particularities