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Kavallerietuch®/ Drap 900®

Material: Kavallerietuch® / Drap 900®

Kavallerietuch® - the original since 1958

You will fall in love with this material because of the beautiful colors, its pure authenticity or simply its quality, a sensual delight to touch. The Kavallerietuch®, originally a durable fabric for clothes and uniforms, has its own history. In 1956 the Swiss designer Robert Haussmann had the idea to use his favorite material, "wool cloth", to create a collection of furnishing fabrics.
"Cloth" is a term commonly used for woven fabric. In the textile industry however, it is used for a special traditional and high quality wool fabric: The basic material is a carded wool made of short wool fibers, which are brushed to preserve their elasticity. The woven fabric is walked, meaning with the addition of soda and soap it is being kneaded, pushed, pulled, and squeezed and afterwards washed several times in warm soap suds. This causes the fabric to shrink and the mechanical stress causes it to felt. The fabric is then dried and calendered, that is pressed between rolls of steel. A further finishing step is the roughening and sheering. This process increases the practical value of the fabric, its strength and its quality on the whole. The resulting fabric is then dyed - all in one piece. The high color saturation of the particular dyeing process used creates an intensive coloration. Due to the high quality of the fabric, the Kavallerietuch® in principal can be used with either side facing up.

Even today the traditional Kavallerietuch® represents a modern conception of architecture. The plain color fabric with its unobtrusive structure and wonderful naturally vibrant colors reflects today's drive for clear and straightforward ideas. Used as drapery, it captivates with a beautiful fall and the effect of light and shade. Used as wall covering, it gives rooms a soft surface in differentiated color shades and creates optimal acoustic values. Used as upholstery fabric, it can vest a variety of furniture classics as well as new designs. And it can even be used as material for clothing.

Wool is flame retardant by nature and therefore complies with most legal safety requirements for interiors. We can now also fulfill the increased requirements for flame retardancy according to the Swiss Norm: SN 198558 - 5.3 (The minimum is 80m).

It is key to distinguish the precious "cloth" from felt, which looks similar, but is not a woven fabric. The Kavallerietuch® is stronger beyond comparison, as it is woven and felted afterwards. Those who value the original will chose the Kavallerietuch®. It is now readily available from stock again in 50 selected colors.

Source: verena huber 2005 r-w

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